UFABC Library System (SisBi / UFABC)

The purpose of SisBi / UFABC is to conduct library policy, making it possible to meet the informational demands captured in the university and scientific community, internal and external to the Institution, the organization and access to information and knowledge, both stored and generated by UFABC, as well as its active and proactive dissemination, in an articulated manner and guided by the interdisciplinary proposal of the pedagogical project and its institutional development plan, aiming at the development of teaching, research, extension and sustainable management activities.

The scope of SisBi / UFABC is:

I.monitor SISBI’s library policy;

II. preserve, develop, analyze and disseminate the collection under its custody;

III. disseminate the academic production of the University in line with technological, social and cultural transformations;

IV. to maintain free access to the entire internal and external community;

V. present yourself as the depository of the philosophical, literary, scientific and technological production of the university community.

More information and resources available on the website: http://portal.biblioteca.ufabc.edu.br/